Cool Ways to Travel

Cool Ways to Travel in 2016

Wellness Climbs Up the Priority List

The wellness revolution seems to be getting bigger by the day among globetrotters. With resorts, holiday homes, boutique hotels and even airlines dedicating a major chunk of the itinerary to distressing, detoxing and other health-related activities, the wellness quotient is definitely a norm this year. What’s more? Some properties are also incorporating walking and hiking tours, with food and beverage menus being given a complete overhaul.

Travelling with Total Stanger’s

Sounds scary? But isn’t travelling all about meeting new people? Going on solo trips, on with one gets to explore untouched lands with a group of complete strangers, is becoming popular; particularly among backpackers and couch surfers. These travel junkies are often seen making trips to lesser-known places such as small towns and remote villages. In fact, going small is translating into big trend, as it is low-budget and a convenient way to beat the rush.