Are there any pets in the house?

Yes dogs, it is necessary for us to keep them for safety.

Is smoking allowed in the house?

No, strictly smoking is not allowed inside house but can smoke outside.

Is loud music & screaming is allowed?

No, we do not allow loud music or DJs at the homestay, in order to minimise the disturbance to the surrounding environment and to maintain the tranquil and peaceful nature of the surroundings.

What should I bring?

Weather here is changeable, and we’re at Western Ghats core region, bringing jacket is a good idea.

What about meals?

Three times food is provided package since there are no restaurants available nearby.

Are there ATMs nearby?

The nearest ATM is around 15 kilometers from our homestay. To avoid inconvenience we recommend you to carry enough cash on you.

How many people can you accommodate at once?

There are five rooms at our homestay as per the rules. We can accommodate 20 guests on triple/four sharing basis. Further, we can accommodate up to 5 more people with extra mattress.

Are meals included?

Meals are included. We serve breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea and dinner which are inclusions of your package.

What cuisines do you serve?

We serve authentic Malnad food.


Frequently asked questions about pets

  • You must inform at the time of booking, before you arrive, regarding your need to bring your animal companion.
  • Pets will be charged. Requires extra cleaning inside room.
  • You are responsible for all damages to premises caused by pet and cost will be dealt on case to case basis.
  • Your pets must be even tampered, well behaved, sociable and in good health.
  • You have to bring food for pets, bed-linen or bed sheets for your pets to sleep.
  • Safety and complete responsibility of your pet is yours.