Booking & Cancellation Policy

How to book your homestay

We don’t have an availability calendar on here as our particularly flexible approach to arrival and departure dates and check-in/check-out times makes it just too complex, both for you and for us: it’s actually much easier just you can give us a ring on the above contact number. Otherwise, drop us a quick email. We’ll respond as quickly as we can, usually within 2 or 3 hours.

About Our Price

You’ll notice that our rates remain the same all year, which is – um – quite unusual and a bit radical. So why?

Well, it costs us the same to run our accommodation in April as it does in August so we believe the fairest, most transparent and most ethical way of setting our prices is by starting from the real costs involved in welcoming you to Mekanagadde Homestay, then adding a reasonable (but not excessive) margin for ourselves. So that means no hikes during periods of the year when demand is high.

Prior booking is necessary since our homestay is far away from city and need time in arranging the things.

Payment Terms:

  • Full / part payment at the time of reservation.
  • Confirmation of booking will be done only upon receipt of advance payment.
  • Gpay is accepted at property.
  • Credit / Debit Cards not accepted in homestay.
  • To make reservation please ask for account details which will be mailed or sent through WhatsApp.

Homestay Cancellation Policy

  • Advance cancellation: A cancellation done 10 days in advance will entitle a refund of 50%. There will be no refund if the room is cancelled within 10 days to the stay period. Postponement will be at our sole discretion.
  • Cancellation after check-in: If the guests check out earlier than the committed date, they are still required to pay for the entire duration.
  • No refund in case of NO SHOW.