Nestled in the Bababudan hills Chikmagalur is a calm serene town full of scenic surprises, hills, valleys, streams and snow white coffee blossoms. Situated 251 kms from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is a trekkers delight with its rugged mountain trials.

Places to visit Near Chikmagalur

1. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: (Muthodi) 38 kms. North West, this sanctuary is a must for wild life enthusiasts. Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Elephants and Tiger are some of the wild life found here.

2. Kemmangundi: 55 kms. North of Chikmagalur, this is as scenic hill station, situated on the Bababudan range at a height of 1432 mtr. 8 kms. From Kemmangundi are the Hebbe falls where the water gushes down form a height of 168 stages. The Kalahatti falls are 10 kms, from Kemmangundi. The water here cascades down a height of 122 mtrs. There is also a local temple here.

3. Kudremukh: 95 kms. South West of Chikmagalur is the secluded hill station of Kudremukh situated 1894 mtrs. above sea level. The Kudremukh hill overlooks the Arabian sea and are chained to one another with deep valleys and steep precipices. There is rich flora and fauna here, waiting to be discovered, Caves asking to be explored, Ruins and traces of an old civilization inviting a study. Lovely unspoiled places to camp – can trekker resist Kudremukh? This place is also rich in iron-ore deposits.

4. Amruthapura: About 10 kms. from Tarikere, this little town has an 800 year old temple dedicated to Amrutheshwara.

5. Sringeri: Is a pilgrim center, known for its Vidyashankara temple. It has 12 zodiac pillars on each of which the sun rays fall accordingly to the time of the year.

Things to do in Chikmagalur

1. Trekking: Since Chikmagalur is a hill station, there are many beautiful hills to climb. Guests visiting homestays or resorts can trek to nearby hills avoiding crowded places and usual tourist places on weekeds.

2. Games: Playing games like cricket volleyball or similar small games with friends and family will add more memories to life. This will make you more relaxed after games.

3. Bird Watching: Many people do not observe the surroundings for whats happening. Carefully if you observe the tiny little birds, you can relate it to the human life which inspires every individual.

4. Jeep Drive: If you get a chance to have a jeep drive, please opt for it. Many people do not get the opportunity to experience these off beat drives other than leaving in hill regions.

5. Nature: Try knowing local nature and culture of people in these Western Ghats regions. Be a good listener to local people talking, winds blowing, birds chirping and insects sounds.

5. Nature: Try knowing local nature and culture of people in these Western Ghats regions. Be a good listener to local people talking, winds blowing, birds chirping and insects sounds.

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