Top Travel Trends

Top Travel Trends of 2016

Whether or not it translates into reality, exploring the most exciting bit of the wish list we draw out every new year. From the diverse repertoire of harvest fairs to the pine-scented breeze of meditative walking trails, India tosses up the unexpected at every bend of a lane – pulsating with an incredible blend of people, culture and landscapes. As the country celebrates India Tourism Day today, here are some of the radical travel trends of 2016 that come in handy while you plan your holidays this year…

Experimental Journeys More Favoured

As the term implies, experimental tours refer to a slow-paced and more immersive approach, in which the traveler seeks to sample real-life, hyper-life experiences, instead of the canned services that include visits to must-see place sand being treated to luxurious amnesties. Instead of high-end hotels, travelers are opting for homestays and soaking in indigenous culture, history and culinary traditions.

Selfies See a Downfall (Finally!!)

The burden of taking selfies in front of every monuments and uploading those photos on social media is off the tourist’s shoulders. A personal photographer will now be in the tow, as frolic around local hotspots. Travel firms are now incorporating a professional snapper in the holiday packages they offer. The photographer documents your trip and delivers you a daily dose of social media-appropriate images.