Western Ghats Nature

Western Ghats - Sakelshpur

Bisle Ghat Trekking

Bisle is the rain forest of Western Ghats of Karnataka. The reserve forest spreads over 3,135 hectares of lowland evergreen forest, to the east is the Bisle Village. Kempuhole forest reserve adjoins in the North. The sub-tropical climate and heavy rains during the wet season create an environment where several unique plant and animal species …

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Jenkal Gudda

Jenkal Betta Trekking

Jenkal Betta – Dipadakallu / Diggallu Jenkal Betta is a mountain lying in Sakleshpur of Karnataka. Jenkal Betta is the tallest among the other hills in the same range. The mountain is clearly visible from the Shiradi Ghat road which connects Bangalore and Mangalore. The villagers living nearby Jenkal Betta considers the peak as a holy place and conducts rituals during …

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Ettina Bhuja - Shishila Gudda

Take the Trekking Trail in the Western Ghats

Take on a challenge by trekking in the wilds of the Western Ghats. Preserve the pristine beauty: A waterfall in full spate in the Western Ghats Sakleshpur For the adventurous who are eager to discover the beauty of the Western Ghats, the southern Malnad region of Hassan district is the best place to explore. The …

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Haarlu Flower

Devaramane Trekking and Haarlu Flowers

Denaramane belongs to the Mudigere Taluk in Chikmagalur. It covers the vast area between Shiradi and Charmadi Ghat. Devaramane Hills is located in Gutti village brings you close to the nature and its an exhilarating experience. Travellers can climbs the peaks, walks across the grasslands, crosses gurgling streams, and views magnificent waterfalls. The area is …

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nature earth

Nature Earth Video and think of crucial Western Ghats life 

I wanted to share my favorite video from YouTube. This video is amazing and tells how important is our Western Ghats nature and how we can play crucial role in saving for our future. Though this video is not of our Western Ghats but the similar things happens each second. So it is our duty …

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