Jenkal Gudda Sakleshpur

Jenkal Betta Trekking

Jenkal Betta – Dipadakallu / Diggallu

Jenkal Betta is a mountain lying in Sakleshpur of Karnataka. Jenkal Betta is the tallest among the other hills in the same range. The mountain is clearly visible from the Shiradi Ghat road which connects Bangalore and Mangalore. The villagers living nearby Jenkal Betta considers the peak as a holy place and conducts rituals during the post monsoon time. The hill range is a trekkers paradise. It is dangerous to climb the mountain during monsoon. There is a nearby hill called Diggallu or Dipadakallu which is clubbed with Jenkal Betta for trekking. Many famous peaks like Ettina Bhuja, Kumaraparvata, Sheshaparvata etc. are visible from the hill top during clear days. During the lush post monsoon months the hill top will be misty with very low visibility.


If you are looking for a destination where you will get to indulge in extreme activities such as trekking, this should be your destination. Jenukal Gudda, can be reached through Hodachalli village offers you a vantage point of view to the coast of the Arabian Sea in Mangalore. The area is covered with one side coffee estates and other side with thick jungles which makes it perfect for trekking. One more long trekking can be done from Mekanagadde via Pandavar Gudda.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Jenkal Betta is after the rainy season, typically between September and January. Usually better to start early in the morning to avoid late return.

Food and Accomodation

Mekanagadde Homestay can arrange for trekking to Jenkal Gudda with packed foods for lunch along with a guide. This can be clubbed with normal package of Mekanagadde Homestay. Only guide charges will be extra.

Things to take care

  • Start Early Morning
  • Keep sufficient food and water
  • Get equipped with fully charged mobile, torch and good trekking shoes.
  • Always have a local guide with your group
  • Minimum group size ideally be 8 members
  • Since its forest area there will be wild animals

NOTE: The trek is banned and not allowed to trek by Forest Department. If found illigal entry then hefty fine will be charged.