Experience Rainy Season in Western Ghats

Experience Rainy Season in Western Ghats – Mekanagadde Homestay

Experience Rainy Season in Western Ghats

The above video was taken at Pandavar Gudda in rainy season of August 2014. This place is just 2 kilometers from Mekanagadde Homestay where we can go by walk or on vehicle. This place is located in Sakleshpur but shares the border with Chikmagalur (Mudigere) too. The surroundings is calm and can enjoy the nature.

The Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a treasure trove of biodiversity and natural beauty that stretches along the western coast of India. The monsoon season, which typically spans from June to September, transforms this already stunning landscape into a verdant paradise, making it an ideal time for nature enthusiasts to explore and experience its wonders.

As the monsoon clouds gather, the Western Ghats come alive with a symphony of lush greenery, misty hills, and cascading waterfalls. The rain-soaked earth exudes a fresh, petrichor scent that is both invigorating and calming. This is the time when the region’s flora and fauna thrive, offering a spectacle of nature’s resilience and abundance.

For those seeking adventure, the Western Ghats during the rainy season provide ample opportunities for trekking, with trails leading through dense forests to hidden waterfalls and breathtaking viewpoints. Places like Chikmagalur, with its malnad charm and panoramic views, offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The hill station, accessible by peppy road ride, when travelling via Mudigere to Chikmagalur.

The monsoon also unveils the Ghats’ rich biodiversity. Wildlife areas like Kudremukha and Bhadra region become hotspots for birdwatching and spotting various species of animals amidst the lush foliage. The rainforest canopy teems with life, and the air resonates with the calls of exotic birds and insects.

For those who wish to immerse themselves in the ethereal beauty of the clouds, viewpoints in Chikmagalur and Sakleshpur offer panoramic vistas where one can witness the clouds enveloping the valleys below. It’s a surreal experience to stand amidst the clouds, feeling them swirl around you, blurring the lines between earth and sky.

The Western Ghats also offer a cultural experience, with the monsoon playing a significant role in the spirituality and traditions of the local communities. The rain is celebrated, and its arrival brings a sense of renewal and joy.

To truly experience the magic of the Western Ghats during the rainy season, one must be prepared for the heavy rains and sometimes challenging conditions. However, the rewards are unparalleled: the sight of the landscape draped in countless shades of green, the sound of raindrops on leaves, and the feeling of being one with nature.

Reasons to Experience Rainy Season in Western Ghats

  • Perfect for those seeking peace and solitude.
  • Time to savor the local seasonal cuisine specific to Ghats
  • Steaming cup of coffee and delicious bajjis making for the perfect snack on a rainy days
  • Unique monsoon experience with the possibility of sighting exotic birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects etc.
  • Perfect time to read books offering a digital escape, reduces stress, enhances focus, fosters empathy, and promotes a balanced lifestyle for mental wellness.
  • Experience day to day challenges in villages without electricity for days
  • Opportunity to experience the coffee culture in its various aspects
  • Monsoon paints the coffee and spice plantations in vibrant hues of green best for taking pictures.

For those planning to visit, it’s advisable to check our homestay tariff packages that cater to your preferences, whether it’s adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion. With responsible travel practices, visitors can ensure that they leave a minimal environmental footprint while enjoying the unique experiences that the Western Ghats have to offer during this enchanting season.