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How to make sure your hotel is as environmentally friendly as possible

With the pressures of global warming, we’re all looking for ways we can cut our carbon footprint and travel more responsibly. The decision of where to stay during your trip is a big factor so it’s good to know hotels are rising to the challenge and that there’s plenty you can do to help too. Consider these aspects of your hotel…


It’s not only good practice to bring your own re-usable bottle on adventures but just as important is to choose a hotel that takes steps to reduce its plastic waste and encourage reusable alternatives. This could take the shape of providing in-room glass water bottles and glass amenity containers replacing plastic with cane, reed and other eco-materials; and sourcing local produce, doing away with packaging from imported goods and helping local community businesses too.


It’s worth researching just how green your accommodation is, namely whether they try to mitigate the release of global warming gases by using renewable sources and energy efficient processes. Some properties utilize two major sources of renewable energy; biomass and solar. Biomass sees hot water boilers fueled by sustainably harvested cinnamon wood that, due to its fast cropping cycle, can rapidly sequester the carbon emitted. There are also solar solutions that have been implemented, mean 60% of the group’s total energy requirement is met by renewable energy. A very sunny state of affairs to be sure.


Freshwater is precious. Reusing towels, closing taps and taking showers are all mindful measures a guest can take but is your hotel making water conservation a priority too? This starts from flow rate fittings and How to make sure your hotel is as environmentally friendly as possible – rainwater harvesting methods. Energy, carbon, water and waste are all areas to consider when choosing a responsible hotel, so pick one that offers a great stay but is also invested in doing good for the future too.




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