More You Travel More You Learn

More You Travel More You Learn

Why Travel | The more you travel, the more you learn. It does not matter what you do for leaving or how much money you make – make it a point to venture out. The memories that we make on our trips give us fuel to go on in life.

Travel Style | Our travel style changes from trip to trip, depending on the place and budget. We must be a flexible traveller.

Foodie Moment | Experimenting with Malnad food! Many love their spices. We love green mutton curry and rice.

Must pack items | Speakers, map and camera.

Travel lessons to learn | There is always a solution for everything. One must never panic, and instead think and find a solution. In addition, we must learn to adapt to things easily.

Travel help to realize | People might speak different languages and eat different foods, but at core we are all the same. Love interacting with people from different states and getting to know their stories. It is enriching.

My Travel style tips | Carry track pants that are easy and comfortable to wear and look cool at the same time. Carry lots of basics so you can pair them up with things and get a new look every time.