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Kala Bhairaveshwara Temple Devaramane


Place: Devaramane
Distance: 12 Kms approx.
Region: Mudigere
Type: Sightseeing/Temple/Trekking

Devaramane – Located in the coolest terrain of rich Western Ghats from evergreen forests. It is also a fascinating spot to see how beautiful this place is located in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. The small village may be smaller than the Murthy shrine, but the glory of the temple, the legend that it is adorned with, and some of the most fascinating tourist attractions around it, besides the creation of the beauty, make this area a tourist attraction.

A historical temple of Kala Bhairaveshwara is very popular among the locals and is ‘Mane Devaru’ for many of them. Here you can see Haarlu flowers which blossom once in every 12 years. Deveramane is a valley of small small hills and its lush green valleys is a paradise for photographers. A river close by to play around with friends and family.

Over 280 kilometers away from the nearest city, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Devaramane is widely sought after as a trekking trail and destination for pilgrimage. Orienting yourself locally.

The lake in front of the temple is so gorgeous, it will leave you speechless. In its quaint stillness, it is one of the watering holes for the small animals of the jungle adjacent to it. The priest of this legendary temple is very humble and talk about the surroundings.

Surrounding this awe-inspiring lake temple are the serene Sholas and the small bumpy peaks of these grasslands – a truly perfect choice for camping. With a little patience and in silence, this is the perfect setting and your chance to really see the wildlife that Mudigere has got to offer.

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