Devaramane Trekking

Devaramane Mudigere

Distance: 18 Kms

Devaramane Village is another nearby hideaway (18km). Get to the top  of Devaramane Hill – it’s a short and easy climb – and look down at the shola-draped valley, as  a gush of wind collects all the fog from below and blows it up at you, wetting your eyelashes and whipping your hair into  a frenzy. On the way down,  stop at the simple but beautiful 800-year-old temple; the smell of sandalwood lingers in the  air within. The sculptures are largely untouched, taking you back to another era. There’s a lake across the temple, where wild elephants are known to bathe at night.

A historical temple of Bhairaveshwara Temple is very popular among the locals and is ‘Mane Devaru’ for many of them. Here you can see Haarlu flowers which blossom once in every 12 years. Deveramane is a valley of small small hills and its lush green valleys is a paradise for photographers. A river close by to play around with friends and family.

One of the famous picturesque spots in Karnataka which is less popular. Ideal place for medium trekking and photography. We can also see the South Canara part of district from this place too.

Devaramane trek brings you close to the nature and its an exhilarating experience. A trekker climbs the peaks, walks across the grasslands, crosses gurgling streams, and views magnificent ghats. The area remains green even in summers.

With treks in Chikmagalur, you travel to altitudes of thousands of feet and can pay a visit to the beautiful temple overlooking pond. Experiencing a pleasant weather almost all through the year, Mudigere in Chikmagalur has also become a dream destination for tourists. This soothing atmosphere and the rich heritage of the place make Chikmagalur trekking a delightful and memorable experience.

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