Magajahalli Waterfalls

Place: Magajahalli Village
Distance: 8 Kms
Region: Hanbal, Sakleshpur
Type: Waterfalls

Magajahalli Waterfalls also known as Abbi waterfalls

Magajahalli Waterfalls is an 8 Kms drive from the Homestay towards Hanbal. This Magajahalli Waterfalls is also called as Abbi Falls. Listen carefully as you drive past, you will hear the gurgling sound of a waterfall. You climb down into the underbush, you will see a very nice waterfall cascading for about 20 feet in its glory. If you happen to be there immediately after the monsoon season, the rush of water will be at its peak. Watch out for the slippery stones, but this could be a nice picnic spot if you want to take a short break.

A nice waterfall to enjoy which is covered with trees. All the age groups can get into waterfall during winter and summer seasons except rainy season. You can notice a heavy water flow in rainy season and its not advisable to get into water. Guests and tourists can have a nice snap of the waterfalls.

Things To Know

  • Before entering Abbi Waterfalls, one has to register their names in the registry.
  • Don’t through waste.
  • Be cautious about slippery rocks.

Abbi Falls or Magajahalli Water Falls in Winter

Note: There are many websites who unknowingly promote this place as Manjehalli Waterfalls. But that’s wrong and the word Manjehalli has no meaning. The proper term is “Magajahalli”, it’s a village name where the waterfalls is located. Many online websites haven given wrong information, stating to see Pushpagiri ranges from this place.