Mud Volleyball

Mud Volleyball / Slush Volleyball

Don’t be afraid of the mud! The point is to get muddy and if you’re tip-toeing through it, you will not be an effective player. The first time you get covered in mud, you’ll feel like you just gained 10 Kgs and will be shucking all the excess clothing you can get away with.

Wear old clothes you don’t mind ruining. Best case scenario: you hose off 90% of the mud and can wash the rest away in the laundry. Worst case scenario: you just chuck your clothes in the trash.

Wear light clothes! Mud will add 10+ lbs to your clothing when you’re drenched in it. As a male, consider going shirtless and wear thin, light shorts that you can secure to your waist tightly.

Barefoot would be ideal; however, if you can’t confirm that the mud will be clear of debris, wear light tennis shoes and duct tape the shoes to your feet. You’re not actually using duct tape on your skin, you just wrap it across the top of your shoe and around the entire shoe, under your sole. This tightens the shoe to your foot and makes it less likely to slip off.

Keep water handy so you can clean your face and/or hands. There’s nothing more irritating than getting mud in your eyes and being unable to wipe it clear without smearing your muddy hands all over your face.